No doubt there has not been a more problematic organization than Soka Gakkai in postwar Japan. You could not ignore this fact, if you were to talk about Japan.


because of its religious mask and its political power, its realty has not been taken up officially.

This may have made people indifferent to this problem and may have allowed the Soka Gakkai

to act haughty in Japanese society.

Then what is Soka Gakkai ? What is its real intension ? Here we shall expose the reality of it.

We hope that you will face this reality as a matter of personal concern, and that you consider the

future of your children.

Taking over Japan is the Soka Gakkai's final goal ! Brainwashed members have already been undermining the mind of Japanese society.

What follows are the evidences regarding the speech given by the Soka Gakkai's actual leader Disaku Ikeda. You will see, through these statements what the Soka Gakkai is actually intending to accomplish.

(1) " When Kosenrufu is accomplished, ( Kosenrufu is a Buddhist term. According to Ikeda's interpretation, it is a situation where most people have become faithful Soka Gakkai members. )

Some of us will have gained influencial positions in Japanese politics such as in the House of Councilors or the House of Representatives. They will usually have at least 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen in their wallet. They will wear nice clothes which will not be purchased in monthly installments but will be paid for in cash. Let's meet in the Diet Building or the Prince Hotel.

We must place the Soka Gakkai members in all the key positions of Japanese government and society. Otherwise Kosenrufu will not be accomplished. "

September 6th 1957, Seikyo Shimbun ( SG's daily organ newspaper )

(2) " I feel the time to take over Japan has come close. A party that can't take the rein of the government need not exist. But don't worry. Here, I am behind the party. "

November 16th 1976, Photo gathering with members of the Komei party

(3) " What I learned ( from the second president Toda ) is how to behave as a monarch. I shall be a man of the greatest power. The Soka Gakkai may be disbanded then. " ( The Soka gakkai is just an instrument for Ikeda. )

July 1970 issue of Japanese monthly magazine " Gendai " ( English : the present age )

(4) " In the process of the Kosenrufu activity, political party, the schools, the Bunka ( SG's cultural oranization ), and the Minon ( SG's entertainment business organization ) have been founded. The last yet un-accomplished ( revolution ) is the economy. From now on, we members of the Shachokai ( A group which consists of CEOs from SG front companies ) shall create an economic revolution. "                  June 25th 1967, the 1st Shachokai meeting

(5) " Extend our power inconspicuously, set up networks in the industrial world. And found a general trading firm. Then, finally, we will come to a decisive battle.

Yasuhiro Nakasone ( former Japanese Prime Minister ) is not a significant matter. He is just a boy on our side. When he asked me to help make him Japanese Prime Minister, I said " Okay, Okay, I'll let you be a Prime Minister. " He puts on airs like Kennedy. He is just a kid. "             November 25th 1967, the 6th Shachokai meeting

(6) My men manipulating even police are Takeiri and Inoue.                        July 8th 1968, the 13th Shachokai meeting

. . . . and so forth.

Men of faith in the Soka Gakkai, who are affected by Ikeda, often make statements as follows ;


(1) ( When Kosenrufu is accomplished ) The cabinet shall be formed with the Soka Gakkai's YMD ( Young Men's Division ) members.        ( Einosuke Akiya, Daibyakurenge = SG's organ monthly magazine , Feb. 1964 issue )
(2) Ikeda Sensei shall be the leader of Japan.( Hiroshi Hojo, Seikyo Shimbun = SG's organ newspaper, July, 26, 1967 issue )

In short, the Soka Gakkai's ambitions are to attempt to completely rule japan in a multifaced way.

That is,

1. Spritually : Make all the Japanese belong to Soka Gakkai.

2. Politically : Have the Komei Party take the rein of the Japanese government.

3. Economically : Have business enterprises affiliated with Soka Gakkai control Japanese financial circles.

4. Have Soka Gakkai members slip into key positions of Japanese society, including administrative organs, the Ministry of Justice, the media, educational organizations, cultural organizations, etc., then take control of Japan.

5. Then finally, Daisaku Ikeda will become a man of absolute power to rule Japan.

Ikeda's ambitions are not merely big talk by a megalomaniac. Actually, the Komei Party ( Soka
Gakkai has its own political party ) has become the third biggest party in the House of Representatives in direct proportion to the increase of Soka Gakkai members. Elite indivisuals, who are members of the Soka Gakkai such as lawers, prosecutors, judges, accountants, policemen, deplomats, government officials, etc., have already penetrated into Japanese society.

The number of those elites has become over 1,000. Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai's plot to take over Japan has been advancing steadily so far.

The Terrible Facist Nation "The Soka Kingdom"

The Ultimate Cruelty that Followers are Disposable

Daisaku Ikeda states,

"To found the Soka Nation, the Soka Kingdom, on earth, in the universe, I shall protect Soka Gakkai members."                          (The Second Head Quarter Meeting in Tokyo, June 10 1975)

In this statement, he termed the area that is going to be ruled by him in the near future, "The Soka Kingdom". The system of the nation will have nothing to do with words, which Ikeda frequently mentions, such as Buddhist democracy, peace, culture, and education. In other words, as you can see in Ikeda's statement.

"To tell the truth, facism is my real ideal."                               ( The 61st Exusectives Meeting, June 15 1972 )

The Soka Kingdom aims at realizing a dictatorship nation based on facism. As you have seen those crimes commited by the Soka Gakkai, including the oppression of the freedom of publishing, The spurious substitution of votes, the wire tapping incident, the Recruit bribery case, The Jari Senpaku bribery case, and so on. If their ideal were realized, violence, corruption, and injustice would be justified to protect the dictator Ikeda's priviledges, honour, wealth, and his power.

This terrible plot " Realizing the Soka Kingdom " can be said to be the real goal that Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai, under a mask of religion, have been aiming at. Furthermore, the existence of the Soka Gakkai for Ikeda is, after all, just a tool or base to take the rein of the government.

Therefore, if only he were able to conquer Japan, he even started.

The Soka Gakkai would then be dissolved.?
July 1970 issue of Japanese monthly magazine " Gendai " ( English : the present age )

  In short, the Soka Gakkai members are all disposable. What pitiable members ! They are used just for the takeover Japan. With that sense he has, Nichiren Shoshu is also disposable. His intension is just for misusing the temple as a mask to decorate the Soka Gakkai with traditional Buddhism. He boasted,

"The main temple Taisekiji is a sacrifice for the Soka Gakkai. The Soka Gakkai is most important of all."                                (The second Head Quater Meeting in Tokyo, JUne 10 1975)

Namely, Nichiren Daishonin ( The founder of Nichiren Shoshu ) and also the Gohonzon ( the object of worship ) in Taisekiji Temple were being misused for Ikeda's ambition. As the result, Ikeda was excommunicated by Nichiren Shoshu in November 1991.

Anything and everything , even lies or violence, are allowed to accomplish aim.
Antisocial incidents caused by Soka Gakkai members.

Soka Gakkai is still advancing toward their purpose. A terrible fact of this cult is that Ikeda has been brainwashing his followers to commit everything in order to realize their purpose.

" Be as ready to talk as to work. Be clever. Even the Japan Social Party does the same. So does the Communist Party. They make schemes for their purposes. Everyone in our society does. Why not us ? We will make schemes for our belief, for our organization."                          ( The guidance in Fuso Institute, June 1st 1976 )

Of course " for our belief , for our organization " means nothing other than " extending the Soka Gakkai's scope in order to accomplish Ikeda's ambition." Actually, insanely blind Soka Gakkai top leaders carried out Ikeda's orders faithfully. Consequently, there appeared the strangest ,criminal, cult organization in Japanese society. ( Unfortunately most Soka Gakkai members have not realized their organization's nature.) Then, members caused numorous crimes as follows;

Dummy Votes Incident

In the election of the House of Councilors in 1968, an organic crime was committed by the Soka Gakkai. Believe it or not, massive amount of votes, as many as 100,000, disappeared in Shinjuku Ward Tokyo. Eight Soka Gakkai top leaders of the Student Division, Yoshinori Kitabayashi, Takashi Miyamoto, Akio Sunagawa, and others were found guilty in this case.


  Interference in the freedom of speech Incident

This was an incident that emerged at the year-end of 1969. The Soka Gakkai put pressure on
indivisuals and publishers that posed questions about the substance of the Soka Gakkai, in order to hush its crimes up, with every method, including money, the mobilization of politicians, strong-armed men men related to right wing organizations. Also its members systematically made threatening phone calls to the critics of the Soka Gakkai.

The main publications which were the target ofSoka Gakkai were " Soka Gakkai o Kiru ( I Denounce the Soka Gakkai ) ", " Komeitono Sugao ( The Naked Face of the Komei Party ) ", "

Korega Soka Gakkaida ( This is the Soka Gakkai ) ", " Soka Gakkai Komeitono Hametsu ( The Destruction of the Soka Gakkai & the Komei Party ) ", " Soka Gakkai Komeitono Kaimei ( Analysis of the Soka Gakkai & the Komei Party ) ", and " Soka Gakkai ". Despite that a man of religion must reply to the criticism with words fairly, the Soka Gakkai

always reponds with political power, financial power, and violent, destructive power. Those methods fully proves the Soka Gakkai's true nature.


Wire Tap Incident

This is a scandal where Mr. Miyamoto, to the chairman of the Japanese Communist Party, had

his phone tapped by Soka Gakkai members in 1970. The court found that it was a systematic

crime committed by the Soka Gakkai, and financed by the fourth president of the Soka Gakkai

Hiroshi Hojo ( dec. ). Additionally, other wire tapping cases by Soka Gakkai of Nichiren Shoshu

temples such as Hoda Myohonji, Myoenji, and Josenji emerged after the scandal.



Gekkan Pen Scanda

In 1976, Japanese monthly magazine, the Gekkan Pen exposed Ikeda's sexual relations with six
Gakkai women. One of the six, Tokiko Tada ( top leader of the Women's Division ), appeared in the article. The scandal was revealed with big headlines. Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai filed a libel suit against the Gekkan Pen. The Gekkan Pen was found guilty because the truth of the article was considered to not have had sufficient evidences. However the penalty was much llighter than was sought, because Ikeda's behavior warranted suspicion of his sexual relations with those women. Strangely, despite that Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai were plaintiffs, Soka Gakkai gave the Gekkan Pen 20 million yen.


On the sixth of November 1976, Ikeda was so anxious over the Gekkan Pen scandal that he gave an order to the members of the Komei Party in the Kansai Culture Center. He said, " If I am ordered to appear in court, I will eliminate the Komei Party as a sacrifice. I will not forgive Watanabe and Yano, if they did it half way. I will kick them out." The whole train of events posed questions about how Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai used religious contributions and the the meaning of the Komei Party's existence.

Bribery Cases Committed by Komei Party members

In the bribery case called " Recruit Scandal " 1988, a member of Paliament as well as a member of the Komei Party, Katsuya Ikeda, was forced to resign both of his positions and prosecuted because of the acceptance of the 5,000 Recruite shares before they were issued.

In the same year, Fujio Tashiro, another member of Parliament as well as the Komei Party, also resigned from both, because of the Jarisen Bribery Scandal.

The next year, even Junya Yano, the chairman of the Komei Party, resigned his position when it was revealed that he was related to the Meidenko Bribery Scandal.

Violence, Kangaroo Court Scandal

In July 1969, over 100 Gakkai members gathered around the polling station in Nerima Ward Tokyo and assaulted the election workers there because two Soka Gakkai members had come there after it had closed and were not allowed to vote. Four voting officials, including women and elderly, were seriously injured .

In 1977, the Gakkai's vice-president Isao Nozaki, and several of his men called Nichiren Shoshu priests before them and confined the priests in the Soka Gakkai Head Quaters. The priests were intimidated into prostrating themselves and forced to write a letter of apology.

In July 1991, about 50 to 60 Gakkai guards assaulted reporters and cameramen, including a cameraman of Friday Magazine, trying to cover Ikeda in front of the main gate of the Soka Gakuen School. The guards hit and kicked the reporters, and destroyed the photographers' cameras. In 1991, Gakkai members threatened and assaulted Nichiren Shoshu temples all over Japan, etc..

The Suspicion of massive amount of Tax Evasion

In March 1991, an inflated transaction for Renoir paintings by Mitsubishi Commercial Company emerged. It was confirmed that the Soka Gakkai's vice-president Yahiro and the Fuji museum ( also SG's ) were deeply involved in this scandal. An unaccounted expenditure of 1.5 biilion yen was suspected to have been misused by the Soka Gakkai as its hidden money.

In May 1991, a huge ammount in false declaration regarding the Soka Gakkai's cemetery
business was pointed out by the Japanese Tax Administration Agency. The Soka Gakkai was compelled to revise their return as much as 2.4 billion yen and payed approximately 640 million yen for aditionally assessed corporation profit tax. Tax investigation into the Soka Gakkai continued.

Furthermore, in July of the same year, the fact emerged that the Soka Gakkai received compensation as much as 450 million yen for a lost in assets on investment in stocks from a Japanese securities company. The Soka Gakkai insists that this was not compensation.

Nevertheless the fact clearly proved that the Soka Gakkai had been investing follower's honest money, as much as 7 billion yen, into the stock market. The dark money raised in this way is being used for other crimes and anti-social activities.

In 1989, 175 million yen in a safe discarded at a scrap yard was discovered. The safe was proved to have belonged to Soka Gakkai. But in the press conference, the general meneger of the Soka Gakkai Mr.Nakanishi explained that the money was not the Gakkai's but his own, he claimed that he had forgot his business profit which he alleged he accumlated for twenty years.

Who on earth can believe such a stupid explanation to have forgotten 175 million yen in the basement of the Seikyo Shimbun office ? This scandal aroused more suspicion about the Soka Gakkai's money raising activities

Even ultra-right wingers assault anti-Gakkai people.      
Can we allow them to control our future?

The Soka Gakkai is such an organization, which will do anything for their purposes, with no scruples. In 1992, an extremist, right-wing nationalists began to harass the Nichiren Shoshu main temple Taisekiji constantly day and night. Thet disrupted the community with loud blaring from largre sound trucks. They also splattered paint on temple property. It was said that it was because the Soka Gakkai and the right-wing nationalists conspired together. This is an example which proves their attrocious nature to harass and ostracize anyone who criticizes the Soka Gakkai.

A secret document was distributed within the Soka Gakkai to keep the Komei Party's seats in the election of the House of Council. It says as follows ;

The Komei Party's position in Japan is becoming really important. In a sense, it holds the decisive vote. Though the Liberal Democratic Party has one hundred and tens of seats, all the important bills are eventually passed with the Komei's 20 seats in the House of Council. And behind it is the Soka Gakkai. Namely the Soka Gakkai and the Komei Party decide the fate of Japan. Japan's destiny is controlled by them. ( omission )

From another point of view, we are coming to an era where all eyes in Japan are focused on the honorary president Daisaku Ikeda. Although it may not be approprite to equate the honorary president Ikeda with Nichiren Daishonin, there was a time when rulers, religious leaders, as well as people were paying attention to the Daishonin, and the Japan's direction was decided in those days, influenced by Daishonin. Kosenrufu has actually come to that circumstance.

I wonder what you think about this. Can you overlook these facts and allow the cultic organization Soka Gakkai to determine our future and the fate of our children ? Whether you are a Gakkai member or non-Gakkai member, I hope you will take this fact seriously.