Ikeda's Problematic Speech
The Speeches on Taking Over Japan

He is in the habit of saying, " Let's take over the country.".                   ( The Seikyo Shimbun, March 10 1952 )

" When Kosenrufu is accomplished, ( Kosenro is a Buddhist term. According to Ikeda's interpretation, it is a situation where most people have become faithful Soka Gakkai members. )        some of us will have gained influencial positions in Japanese politics such as in the House of Councilors or the House of Representitives. They will usually have at least 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen in their wallet. They will wear nice clothes which will not be purchased in monthly installments but will be paid for in cash. Let's meet in the Diet Building or the Prince Hotel. We must place the Soka Gakkai members in all the key position of Japanese government and society, otherwise Kosenrufu will not be accomplished. "      ( The Seikyo Shimbun, September 6 1957 )

" I feel the time to take over Japan has come close. A party that can't take the rein of the government need not exist. But don't worry. Here, I am behind the party "                     ( Photo gathering with members of the Komei Party, November 16 1976 )

" What I learned ( from the second president Toda ) is how to behave as a monarch. I shall be a man of the greatest power. The Soka Gakkai may be disbanded then. ".                       ( The Gendai = Japanese monthly magazine,July 1970 issue )

" Extend our power inconspicuosly, set up networks in the industrial world. Nakasone is under our control. He is just a boy on our side. When he asked me to help make him Japanese Prim Minister, I said " Okay, Okay, I'll let you bem a Prime Minister. " He puts on airs like Kennedy, He is just a kid. "                            ( The 6th Shachokai, November 25 1967 )

" My men manipulating even police are Takeiri and Inoue. "                         (the 13th Shachokai, July 8 1968 )

The Speeches on " the Soka Kingdom "

"To found the Soka Nation, the Soka Kingdom, on earth, in the universe. I shall protect SokaGakkai members."                  ( The 2nd Head Quater Meeting in Tokyo, June 10 1975 )

" As long as the Soka Gakkai exists, everything,- - - Japan, the world also, is preserved. Based on that, have a view point toward the world and the Soka Gakkai. I have taken measures to realize world Kosenrufu. "                                            ( The 1st Central Meeting. June 16 1975 )

" To tell the truth, facism is my real ideal. "                       ( The 61st Shachokai, June 15 1972 )

Speeches that Were Carefully Planned in Advance

" let's found an independent country on our of 224.4 million square meters of land. It will be" the Soka Kingdom ", or " the Soka Republic ". Then, the Minister of Education will be Morita,the Minister of Finance will be Nakanishi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will be Kojima, the Secretary of Defence will be Kimura, the Minister of Transportation will be Tanaka, the Minister of Construction will be Sugimoto, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications will be Yokomatsu, Hojo will be the Superintendent-General. There are all the candidates. "                   (The 51st Shachokai, July 20 1971 )

" Let's go to Kirishima at the beginning of September, and stay there three nights. It's hard to walk around it, because it has 2.145 million square meters, as much as Bunkyo-Ku ( A Ward in Tokyo ). Shall we found an independent country there ? Our plot should be planned without being noticed, and gradually. "               ( The 51st Shachokai, July 20 1971 )

" If the Soka Gakkai is allowed to become a nation, it would be the 21st biggest country in the world according to the UN's statistics on population. "          ( " Soka Gakkai " written by Takane )

Ikeda's Dishonesty on his Obstruct of Freedom of Speech

" It was not a big obstruction. Everyone does it. "                       ( The 32nd Shachokai, February 27 1970 )

" Shall we tell Takeiri to unite religion and politics to realize the ( Buddhist ) concept of Unity of Buddhism and Government ( Japanese : Obutsu- Myogo ). It may take ten years to say "I told you so ". But I want to do that. "                               ( The 34th Shachokai, May 5 1970 )

Soka Gakkai Has Deteriorated into a Scheming Cult

 " Be as ready to talk as to work. Be clever. Even the Japan Socialist Party does the same. So does the Communist Party. They make schemes for their purposes. Everyone in our society does. Why not us ? We will make schemes for our belief, for our organization."                                         ( The guidance in Fuso Institute, June 1st 1976 )

" Uh- -, how is Clinton doing ? Uh- -, yes,, as he is doing, talking slyly, deceiving people a lot. Well,but don't be apprehended by the police. Uhu-hu-hu- -, oh, that's Okay. You know, you must talk more slyly than Clinton does in Shakubuku activities ( Recruiting new members ), and in instructions. Remember, poor talkers are behind time. Clinton is really a glib talker." ( The SGI USA & the Kansai Combined General Meeting, Jan.27, 1993, Los Angeles, California )

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Ikeda : " Members in San Francisco, this time, you showed incredible hospitality to the Kansai exchange members. Thank you so much ! Chubu ( the middle of Japan ) members will visit there in next March, look after them, please. If you pay complements to followers, you can get more Kofu fund ( donation ). I'd like to say in a low voice. Oh, heavens! don't translate what I said. (to the interpreter )

Interpreter : " Don't translate ? "                     ( Speech in the SGI & Kansai combined General Meeting, Jan.27 1993, Los Angeles, California )
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" Hit them, especially Nikken ( shonin ). Tie him up with a wire, and beat his head with a hammer. "                       ( All Japan Top YMD members' Meeting, Dec. 13 1992 )
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Ikeda's Speeches on the Unity of Religion and Politics

 " We have come to a great era, you know, cabinet members ( from the Komei Party ) will be appointed soon. Do you know what I'm saying ? Very soon. Probably tomorrow. Tell you what, they, they are all your men. Remember that.(Daisaku Ikeda acurately released Komei Party members' posts of ministers letting himself loose the day before the announcement of the Cabinet members. / Aug.8, 1993, The 69th Headquaters Top Leaders Meeting ) "
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"Man! The Soka Gakkai is the greatest, in the world, in Japan, you know!"
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Ikeda's Obscene Speeches

 " Golden eggs, not balls."
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 " Itoman Peace Center ? No, no. I guess the name should be changed. Um..., Itoman.. , sounds like feminine, sounds like feminine,--- ,..no response ?..Here's a much better one,...Kinman, Itoman,..that's it ! Kinmanko ( Private parts of a woman ) ! ."
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Crimes Committed by the Soka Gakkai
Dummy Votes Incident ( In the election of the House of Councilors, 1968 )
Violence, Kangaroo Court Incident ( Group violence at the polling station in Nerima Ward Tokyo, July 1969 )            Interference in the freedom of speech Incident ( Emerged in the year-end of 1969 )
Wire Tap Incident ( At the chairman of the Japanese Communist Party Mr.Miyamoto' home, 1970 )
The Gekkan Pen Incident ( 1976 )
Bribery cases committed by Komei Party members ( Recruit Scandal / 1988, Jari Senpaku Scandal / 1988, Meidenko Scandal / 1989 )

Video Tapes

" An Encounter with a Dementia "

Contents : Daisaku Ikeda's abnormal behavior at the SGI & Kansai combined General Meeting in LA, additionally, you can hear Ikeda's guidances at the SG meetings in Japan.

" PhotoMontage Incident "

Contents : This depicts how the Seikyo Shimbun Company ( publishing SG's organ newspapers ) altered photos that were used in the photo montage incident which were subsequently published in " The Soka Shimpo " ( SG's organ mewspaper for YMD members ), in November 1992



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